Key West Sunset Body Mist

Key West Sunset Body Mist

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Gently spray the aroma of Bright Tropical Citrus, Coconut, and a hint of toasted vanilla bean on your skin for a fresh, beach inspired perfume that is not over powering and oppressive.  

This scent is a great light and airy perfume that reminds me of walking on the beach, beach cover blowing in the breeze, fresh, crisp and uninhibited. 

* I wore this scent all summer long, it's a great daily scent! 

4 oz Spray Mister 

Lasts 2 Months with Every Day Use


I love smelling good, who doesn't? But the harshness of these main stream perfumes are harsh on our skin and nose. Causing headaches, nausea, and can be off putting. 

I have created these with natural ingredients, and the most premium fragrances I can get my hands on. 

Smell good, without feeling bad.